Britney Spears is headed to Vegas, y’all!

Now that her time on The X Factor is over, Britney is ready to focus on her own music career. She’s working on a new album. And now, the pop star is thisclose to signing a multi-million dollar residency deal.

Vegas DeLuxe reports that Britney’s negotiations with Caesars Entertainment have produced a two-year residency deal that, if signed, would guarantee her a minimum of a $30 million payday.

Last week, Huffington Post reported that Britney’s deal would put her at Planet Hollywood, one of Caesars’ many entertainment properties. However, Vegas DeLuxe says that the deal would call for Britney to appear at both Caesars’ nightclub properties and its high-roller venues.

It’s worth noting that the deal has not been signed yet, so nothing is certain. But things definitely seem to be going Britney’s way. Hopefully, these negotiations won’t continue “‘til the world ends” we want to be able to order our tickets already!

Source: Vegas DeLuxe