Please pick up your rosary, huff some Fantasy perfume, wander over to your Britney Spears shrine and feel free to sacrifice an eyeliner in gratitude.

Britney's manager, Larry Rudolph, has officially confirmed that Queen B will have a headlining residency in Las Vegas! According to Extra, Brit-Brit is still deciding between two casinos, one of which is owned by Caesars Entertainment Group — despite earlier reports that Caesars was not in the race to Brit mountain. Um, thank Godney. Now those tickets we bought to Sin City in anticipation of this holy event won't go to waste.

Of course, Britney has been teasing us with rumors of her Las Vegas gig for weeks now, so we'll hold our real celebration until her camp releases an official statement. Also our "real" celebration consists of pulling on a plaid skirt over our red latex bodysuit, throwing on a large snake, and heading down to a homeroom near you to scare up a new generation of superstans.

Source: Extra