Britney Spears knows a thing or two about getting made fun of after a live awards show performance MTV VMAs circa 2007, anyone? So now that the internet is being less than kind to another pop star after a controversial awards show performance, Britney is taking to Twitter to show her support of the young star.

On April 14, Selena Gomez took the stage at the MTV Movie Awards to perform her new song, “Come and Get It” for the first time. The former Disney star wore traditional East Indian attire, a move that some have labeled offensive. On top of that, plenty on Twitter have criticized her vocal performance... basically saying that Selena is just not very good at singing.


Through all the naysayers, Britney’s voice stands out to show support for her fellow Disney child star. “Wow @SelenaGomez... "Come & Get It" on the #mtvmovieawards was incredible! One of my favorite songs out there right now!” Brit tweeted the next day.

The love didn’t end there. “.@SelenaGomez and thank you for all of the kind words about the VMA Slave're too sweet! Means a lot to me” she wrote.

Haters can say what they want. Britney Spears thinks that Selena’s new song is practically iconic. Take that, y’all.

Source: Britney Spears on Twitter

Credit: Perez Hilton Photo: WATCH: Selena Gomez's 2013 MTV Movie Awards Performance of "Come and Get It"