Britney Spears is killing it on The X Factor, and her family’s lawyers did the same in the courtroom. On Thursday, the judge in former “manager” Sam Lufti’s case against the Spears family dismissed the case.

The charges of libel and breach-of-contract, as well as the allegation that Brit’s pops punched him in the torso, were all judged to be BS. Judge Suzanne Bruguera said that Lynne’s book did not intentionally cause harm, as what she wrote is what she believed to be true.

In regards to the accusation that Jamie Spears popped Sam Lufti with his fist? Lufti’s lawyers claimed it caused “hurt feelings” and physical pain, but without medical records or lasting damages, the judge was nice enough not to just laugh at him.

The breach-of-contract charge ran into a serious problem when the judge pointed out that there was no, um, contract. TMZ reports that Sam Lufti plans to appeal the judgment, but considering that all those things are still true... well, best of luck (not).

Source: TMZ

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