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Britney Spears' sordid past is back with a vengeance, and it's all thanks to her ex-manager, Sam Lufti — who is taking The Queen of Pop to court for defamation of character! This week's alarming Brit-Brit revelation is courtesy of the goateed paparazzo known as Adnan Ghalib, who testified against Britney after being subpoenaed.

According to PeopleAdnan took the stand on October 30th and testified that he and Britney started dating in December 2007. Adnan claims that he saw Britney "daily," and denies that Sam Lutfi ever hid her cell phones or withheld her dog, London. In fact, Adnan claims that he bought a disposable cellie at Sam's request, and smuggled it to Britney after her pops took control of financials in 2008.

Adnan also claims that Britney's mom, Lynne, tried to coerce him into smack-talking Sam. "She requested that I say [to the media] Sam Lutfi was responsible for Britney Spears's behavior," Adam said during his court appearance.

Yikes. Hopefully Brit'll hit a homerun when her legal team begins their defense!

Source: People