Credit: Getty Images Photo: Carrie Underwood in Gold Dress on September 24, 2011

The X Factor USA desperately needs to fill two empty judging seats — and show execs are aggressively pursuing a litany of pop stars to replace ousted Season 1 judges Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger. Word on the street says Britney Spears wants in (but for a whopping $15 million), LeAnn Rimes is “in talks” with Simon Cowell and Co., and Glee’s Darren Criss was approached to host but can’t due to scheduling concerns.


Extra has new details on another face we won’t be seeing on The X Factor Season 2: American Idol’s most successful winner of all time, Carrie Underwood. “I think it's great that Simon has The X Factor show, and I love seeing all of these shows giving nobodies a big opportunity. But I'm an Idol girl all the way,” Carrie explains. “That's the one that I love and watch. I can't see myself being a part of any another show like that.”


Just in case you were wondering, Carrie’s absence on your small screen isn’t due to a baby on the way. With her hockey hubby busy bringing home the bacon, Carrie says she’s not in any rush to get pregnant any time soon. As long as he's playing [hockey] and I'm doing this, it doesn't make sense."

Source: Extra


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