Credit: Splash News

This is one split that is not particularly amicable.

Cheryl Cole has sued the production company that produces The X Factor, according to Deadline. She claims that she is owed money for Season 2, even though she has long been let go from the show.

Cheryl believes that she has a pay-or-play contract that entitles her to the $2 million fee that she would have earned as a judge on the second season.

And apparently $2 million isn't quite enough for Cheryl. She is also asking for additional money for the perks that she would have earned as a judge, which includes an additional $300K for her wardrobe, stylist, and a hotel or apartment in L.A., along with a $2,500 living allowance per month (!). Wow!

Simon Cowell brought Cheryl over to the U.S. to serve as a judge, but she was replaced by Nicole Scherzinger before the first season even began. Nicole was then replaced by Britney Spears. 

And here we thought that the performers on the show had a lot to worry about.

Source: Deadline

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