Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images Photo: Simon Cowell Shows (Scary) Face at 2010 International Emmy Award in New York City

What an up-and-down situation it’s been as to whether Welsh wonder Steve Jones would return for the next year-long installment of The X Factor. Now that we know he’s well and truly in the can, however, we have to turn our attention to the bloke (or blokette!) who’s going to replace him.

And in fact, it may not be a bloke(tte) at all, but instead a Yank! Indeed, speculation’s been rampant over Ryan Seacrest filling Jones’s spot — with his well-known American Idol career, Seacrest could doubtless get used to The X Factor’s red-centered color scheme without much trouble. Other potential hosts include Mariah Carey, Perez Hilton, and Katy Perry. Even Cheryl Cole might emerge from the woodwork for an X Factor encore.

In any event, it's gotta be someone who's comfortable telling the judges to wrap it up, and Ryan's got a lot of that on his resume.

Source: Metro