Credit: FOX

20-year-old postal worker CeCe Frey is The X Factor Season 2’s answer to Ke$ha, with bits of Lana Del Rey mixed into her leopard face paint. Despite CeCe’s very obvious drive and vocal talent, she ended up in the bottom two of the Top 13 — battling Jason Brock for a spot in the Top 13.

On November 8, 2012, CeCe emerged victorious, and Jason was sent home. But CeCe’s not out of the weeds just yet; we caught up with judge Demi Lovato backstage after the show, and she shared her concern about CeCe’s trajectory:

I think it's hard to nail down who CeCe is because I don't know if she knows who CeCe is. She has the drive, she has the determination, but I don't think she knows what direction she wants to go with it. She likes leopard on her face and that's about all I can tell you - so it's a matter of listening to her and trying to figure out what to do. Maybe it's a lot more simple - the simple CeCe is what we see in the sing-offs.

CeCe herself has admitted that she needs to speak up if she doesn’t like Demi’s song choices. What do you think: Does CeCe have what it takes to go all the way, or does she need to do some soul searching before returning to rock the stage?

Credit: IdolxMuzic on YouTube Photo: Watch CeCe Frey Sing Cher's "You Haven't Seen the Last of Me" on X Factor Live Results Show November 8, 2012 (VIDEO)