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On Jan. 3, Demi Lovato took to Twitter to talk about a very important issue: trust. The pop star tweeted, “Patience + communication = trust When you learn how to communicate with others, there's almost no problem you can't solve.” From there, she continued to talk about how “Trust is a bond between TWO people.

However, when her comments started receiving media attention, Demi was not a happy camper. She tweeted, “I don't get how people get "stories" from very vague twitter posts... About friendship.....??”

So it looks like, at least for now, Demi is saying goodbye to social media. On Jan. 4, her final tweet read: “Blehh. I really love my fans but I hate gossip sites... Gonna take a breather from twitter.. I love y'all! ❤”

We guess this is goodbye. Will you miss Demi’s tweets?

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