Try not to get a "Heart Attack," Barbadians! Demi Lovato flaunted her bikini body on a visit to your fair island country!

Paparazzi captured the singer X Factor judge emerging from the ocean in a skimpy two-piece, having just indulged in a little tropical snorkeling, as the video below shows.

But, hey now, who's that muscled guy greeting her with a fluffy towel as she emerges from the warm waters? (Talk about chivalry!)

Don't get worked up into a tizzy, Demi fans. (Give your heart a break!) It's not a new guy — it's her bodyguard!

Well, it could be a new guy! Hollywood celebs do have a history of boinking the help. But — last time we checked — Demi is maybe, sorta, kinda still dating That '70s Show actor Wilmer Valderrama.

Check out the video for more views of Demi's beach-ready figure.

Congrats on the killer physique, Demi. Now excuse us as we return to our jelly doughnuts.


Credit: Splash News Photo: Demi Lovato Rocks a Bikini in Barbados (VIDEO)