Credit: @ddlovato

Guys, Demi Lovato just put a bird on it. And by "it" we mean her arm.

Credit: @ddlovato

This pop princess and X Factor hostess with the mostess loves herself some tattoos, but her newest bird-themed ink might just be her best yet. The tat features twelve black birds flying around Demi's forearm next to her tattoo of "faith," and it's all kinds of inspirational.  In a word: love!

Demi also has "you make me beautiful" scrawled on her side, a heart on her right wrist, lips on her lower arm, a blue feather behind her ear, "stay strong" on her wrists, a cross on her hand, "peace" on her middle finger, "rock n' roll" on her other middle finger, feathers on her side, and "let go & let god" on her feet. 

Somewhere, Kat Von D is crying happy tears made out of black ink.

Source: Twitter

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