Credit: Getty Photo: Demi Is Our Role Model

Demi Lovato may be coming out with her fourth album in May, but she has her eyes on a more important prize than just selling a ton of records: helping people.


As Demi prepares for the release, she's admitted that the creation of the songs on the album was largely theraputic given her highly-publicized struggles with bulimia and self-harm. 


It seems that her rehab stint in 2010 as a result of those problems was the thing she needed to gain some handle on her mental ailments and be able to work through them via music.


“With the album I have a ton of upbeat songs (that are) super catchy that get stuck in your head, which is a good thing,” she said recently. “But I also have some pretty emotional songs on there, opening up about things that I haven't ever really talked abut. It's a big deal for me..."


But beyond releasing an album this year, Demi also will be a bit busy as she judges The X Factor with music industry icons like Britney Spears and Simon Cowell.


But no matter who she rubs elbows with or how well-received her album is, one thing propels Demi forward through it all.


“If you're not using your power for good, then you're wasting everyone's time.”


Source: Entertainment Wise