Credit: via LastFM Photo: Xavion, Dexter Haygood's Former Band

When Nicole Scherzinger gave Dexter Haygood the boot on The X Factor’s first live show, the formerly down-and-out artist might have thought that his luck had finally run out. Little did he know, however, that among the millions of X Factor viewers sat some very special friends: the other members of Xavion, Haygood’s old band from a long ago decade: the 80s!

TMZ reports that it didn’t take long for the remaining five members of the long-broken-up sextet to get in touch with their old pal. And even if Haygood lost out on the five-million-dollar jackpot X Factor offers, he got a pretty good consolation prize: it looks like Xavion’s going to let their Soul Glo for some reunion shows! And if things really work out, could we see the guys belting it out on the X Factor stage some days soon? We sure hope so!

Somewhere, Paula Abdul, who has always held a special tear in her eye for Dexter, weeps with joy. (Or is that residue from Dexter’s jheri curl activator?)

Source: TMZ

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