Do you ever find yourself staring at posters of One Direction and thinking, "Harry Styles is kind of like a giant be-winged butterfly emerging from a cocoon"? Because boyfriend is right there with you. This floppy-haired sensation already has more tattoos what we can count (30, to be exact!), but his latest flirtation with body ink might just be his boldest yet.

May we present this enormous butterfly, which has made its home on Harry's burgeoning six-pack. It's loud, it's proud, and we're pretty sure it represents Harry's love for nature, or animals, or something. Either way, we're obsessed with it, and are currently prison tatting an exact replica on our lower backs.

Credit: Twitter

Of course, this isn't Harry's first chest tattoo. He has "17 Black" scrawled on his left collarbone (James Bond's gambling number), a couple of crucifixes underneath it, and two birds on his pecs. Oh, and we can't forget about "Might As Well," which Harry has written above his pelvic bone. Basically, we could write a thesis on this bloke's tats, but his newest butterfly buddy definitely takes the cake!

What do you think of Harry's new tattoo? Hit the comments! Also, the only acceptable answers are "I love it" and "I want to marry it."

Source: E! / Daily Mail