Credit: FOX © Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: LeRoy Bell is Eliminated

Did Leroy Bell feel like his elimination was a foregone conclusion? At a recent Fox-sponsored press conference, he said “In the beginning, I didn’t know much about the show … I didn’t think about it seriously at first.” And when asked about his reaction to his ouster, Bell admitted that “I knew the decision would come.” There’s a pall of inevitability hanging throughout the interview, as if Bell didn’t expect to get even as far as he did.

Bell also provides a few good words for Nicole Scherzinger (who might need them now more than ever!): “[W]e got on famously.  She had a way of being organic with her ideas[.]”

All in all, Bell is pretty “no hard feelings” about the whole thing, which is more or less what we’d expect from him. And as usual, he’s an expert at ferreting out that silver lining: “With this show, even though it’s not guaranteed a record deal, the exposure was way more than [my old] record deal had[.]”

Say what you will about his singing, but the guy is a true class act. Maybe certain upstart young whippersnappers could learn from him!


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