Credit: Britney Spears on Twitter Photo: Britney Spears in the Scream & Shout Remix Video

Remember that mystery date of Britney Spears’ that pretty much exploded the Internet on Valentine’s Day?  He’s not such a mystery anymore!

So who is this guy that won Britney over, just a month after she broke up with fiancé Jason Trawick?

Well, his name is David, and from the sound of things he’s a pretty normal guy.

Here’s what we know about David, according to TMZ:  He’s 27, he works at a law firm doing “field research,” he’s from Atlanta and he met Brit through friends. Oh, and he plays golf! He and Britney were spotted playing together at Sherwood Country Club, where he was reportedly “teaching her the moves.” Rawr.

Another good sign: he’s a decent tipper! Apparently the pair spent $60 on Valentine’s Day sushi, and he tipped $13.

Of course, Brit-Brit isn't saying anything about her new gentleman friend, but she can't fool us! Sushi and golf moves? That's love. 

Source: TMZ