Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co Photo: Melanie Amaro Performs for the X Factor Finale Performance Night on December 21, 2011

Of the four X Factor judges who helped propel Melanie Amaro to victory, with which one do you think she would solidify her recording career? With Simon Cowell, perhaps — Amaro’s own mentor, who once voted her off only to fly out and re-recruit her?

Nope!  In fact, we have official confirmation that Amaro’s taking off with Epic Records mogul and X Factor USA judge L.A. Reid. And Reid’s pretty excited about the journey to come: “I joined The X Factor to be able to discover undeniable talent such as Melanie.” As for the extent of Melanie’s talent, well, “we have only scratched the surface[.]”

And if that’s not good enough, mentor Cowell even offered his blessing on the match. “We all agreed,” the Brit announced, “that Epic would be the right fit for Melanie.”

So there you go: a match made in heaven, blessed by the X Factor godfather! Pass the champagne!

Source: Digital Spy

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