Either Astro’s really grown up since his fit last month, or he’s got some really slick PR agents telling him what to say!

“It’s actually better,” Astro said in an interview with Access Hollywood, “that I got kicked off the show because now, you know, I have enough recognition… basically, now, I’m more free.” And Astro’s definitely experienced a boost in popularity since The X Factor, what with his 100,000-plus Twitter followers and thousands upon thousands of downloads of his music. And his ambition hasn’t dulled a whit — “I wanna be a better businessman than Jay-Z,” he said with a shrug. “It’ll take time, but...” Words to live by!

Moreover, we can’t help thinking, another advantage to Astro’s departure is that he’ll get to spend more time with his beloved mystery girlfriend Molly! The departed hip-hop star-to-be was uncharacteristically silent on the girl in question, but Astro-fans will doubtless get all the details before long.

Source: Access Hollywood


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