When we found out that Britney Spears was considering residency in Las Vegas, we were so excited! But then we were like, WWHMD (What Would Holly Madison Do?), because we turn to her in times of need, obvi.

Turns out this Playboy Bunny is in full support of Britney's new gig, so phew. Now we can sleep at night. "She'd be fantastic!" Holly told Life & Style while visiting Las Vegas. "I think she would have so much fun."

Holly would know. This gal headlined a burlesque show in Sin City, and look how well it worked out for her! Super well. “I think she'd be a great headliner," Holly adds. "There are so many great headliners in Vegas, but they are a little bit older. [Britney] strikes a chord because she's young, so I think she would do really well!”

Ummm. Did Holly just throw invisible shade at Celine Dion? Unacceptable, we our friendship will not go on.

Source: Life & Style