Arin Ray is kind of a dreamboat, and besides making us fangirl and swoon, he’s been making America fall in love with him on The X Factor.

Last season, he auditioned and made it through to live shows with XF-created group inTENsity before being eliminated. This year, he’s gotten through on his own, but has been ranked second to last both weeks after live results shows.

How is that possible? We’re not sure. We thought that with his clear female fan following, and the ones he snapped up on Season 1, he’d be ranked toward the top.

So, how old is the dreamy crooner? Although he auditioned as a 16-year-old and made it into Britney Spears’s Teens category (12-16), the Cincinnati native is now 17 years young.

Will he make it through to the finals this year? That’s up to you.

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