Credit: Splash News

Close your eyes and imagine Taylor Swift sitting alone on a boat. The boat of her broken heart. Poor Taylor recently flew to London in the hopes of getting back together with her One Direction boyfriend, Harry Styles, but alas — this bloke has moved on. Sort of.

According to British tabloid Sunday People, a mysterious blonde was spotted leaving Harry's London home on January 24th and she "jumped straight into a waiting car" — but fear not! They're just friends. “It’s a family friend of his mum and sister who is a car dealer,” a source tells People. “She is helping him buy a new car.”

Pshhh, we've heard that one before. “Since he split with Taylor a few weeks ago Harry has stayed away from women," the source continues. “Who knows what’s going on but there is no chance he and Taylor will get back together now.”

Hah! That's what they all say. It won't be long until Taylor's dulcet acoustic guitar tones float over to Harry and fill his heart with joy –– but by then Tay-Tay will probably be dating Prince Harry. Who's sitting on a lovely boat now, hmmmm?

Source: Sunday People via Hollywood Life