Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co Photo: Nicole Scherzinger Performs on The X Factor, December 15, 2011

The X Factor USA has been renewed for a second season! But at this rate, we might have a little bit more trouble than anticipated recognizing the show the second time around.

Of course, if The Mirror can be believed, host Steve Jones has officially bitten the bullet. But then there’s our second personality in the back of the line, who should not be too hard to guess. Indeed, Nicole Scherzinger’s continued tenure as an X Factor judge has been surrounded by speculation and controversy, with recent death threats and Rachel Crow-related outrage not helping the situation.


Simon Cowell, the decision-maker himself, has added to the uncertainty by refusing to commit to a Scherzinger-laden second season. “We change these shows all the time. You listen to the network, you listen to the sponsors.” Somehow we feel like Simon would have answered differently had it been Paula in the hot seat!

But could it be possible for Scherzinger to take on some different responsibilities at The X Factor — say, as a replacement host? We know that Simon wanted Mariah Carey in that judge’s seat, but Carey’s pregnancy put the kibosh on any possible mentoring this year. With Jones’s place open, perhaps a round of musical chairs is in order, with Scherzinger emceeing and Carey giving pointers to contestants.

On the other hand, Scherzinger might rather part ways than be relegated to a position that some critics have lambasted as “irrelevant.” (It’s also sort of like the Defense against the Dark Arts teacher slot in Harry Potter, considering Cheryl Cole’s, and now Steve Jones’s, preciptous ouster.) After all, love her or hate her, Scherzinger does seem to take her job seriously, as her many rivers of tears demonstrate.

What do you think?  Would you like to see Nicole Scherzinger in Jones’s place, or is it time for this lil’ pussycat to hit the road?

Sources: MirrorTV Guide


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