Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Rachel Crow Performs on The X Factor Week 6, November 2, 2011

Often it’s all too easy to expect youthful defiance, but usually that comes from high school-aged teenagers or unemployed twenty-somethings. But on The X Factor, the youth rebellion is trending younger — namely, from thirteen-year-old Rachel Crow.

Crow, SeattlePi reports, is tired of adhering to mentor Simon Cowell’s “youthful, upbeat music strategy” for her future performances on The X Factor. No, Crow now wants to get serious with a little Etta James. And if Cowell doesn’t like it, well, “I’ve got attitude and I’ve already argued with Simon[.]” Well then!

Josh Krajcik, meanwhile wants to take things in the opposite direction. He’s tired of taking it slow: “I would love to sing a Beatles song, maybe something a little more upbeat[.]” Krajcik, true to his mellow form, sounds a little more open to diplomacy with Nicole Scherzinger on this. Chalk it up to age and experience, we suppose!

Source: SeattlePi


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