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We’re still reeling (read: shaking and crying) from all of our feelings after last night’s The X Factor Season 2 premiere. From Jillian Jensen’s brave confession to being bullied to Paige Thomas’ darling daughter waving to Britney Spears from the sidelines, we are hooked on this show. ANd don’t even get us started on Britney’s range of facial expressions (gallery forthcoming, we PROMISE).

Before you go into weekly X Factor withdrawal, take a deep breath: the FOX show is back for another round of auditions tonight at 8PM/7PMc. Will there be another Kaci Newton (god, we hope not)? Relive last night’s worst moments here, and make sure to rewatch Jillian’s audition below to get your tear ducts open and ready.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Watch Jillian Jensen Sing Jessie J's "Who You Are" During X Factor Audition on September 12, 2012 (VIDEO)