Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Rachel Crow is Eliminated on The X Factor Week 12, November 8, 2011

David Hinckley of NY Daily News posted an interesting article about The X Factor in which he portrays the show as an underdog, with Simon Cowell as its underdog creator and owner. “You don’t enter something for the silver medal,” Cowell has said (and this is how Hinckley opens the piece)

When reading the ratings, though,  The X Factor’s ten- to eleven-million viewer count isn't quite golden compared to some other shows (American Idol most notorious among them), but it’s still a solid number — indeed, solid enough for Fox to opt for a second season.

Additionally, Twitter and the blogosphere are picking up fast on X, even if somewhat fitfully — and especially when Rachel Crow was eliminated. Hinckley takes a moment to cast doubt on The X Factor’s integrity on that, suggesting that perhaps the show “became the WWE, with almost cartoonish story lines designed to push the easiest buttons.” We're not sure we agree with that; it seemed authentic to us, and it's very easy to believe that fans, thinking her safe, would have voted for others.

The show has missed out on some attention-getters it might have otherwise been able to count on. For example, Simon would have loved for Mariah Carey to be a judge — perhaps instead of Nicole Scherzinger — if the pop superstar weren’t pregnant at the time of The X Factor’s inception.

Overall, though, Hinckley provides a well-reasoned and objective view and feels as we do. It's a "solid anchor show." We're locked in for the finale and already looking forward to the lineup for Season 2.

Source: NY Daily News


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