Britney Spears is our reason for being. On days when our denim jumpsuit is dirty, we’re so pleased to have white cropped mock turtlenecks and high-waisted white pants to fill our lonely hearts. But when we suddenly have a hot day and decide to leave the house, we wish we looked like this.

Seriously. Wowza. Who says she has an insane weave and that her face looks best when she’s mocking people (aggressively)? Brit wore a tiny sweetheart-neckline strappy dress with metallic accents to the X Factor finale on December 20, and even though her mentee Carly Rose Sonenclar lost the five million dollar record deal, she could not have looked better.

What do you think, with her glowing skin, fun makeup, cute updo, and tasteful jewelry (not to mention amazing cleave), is this the best Britney picture of the year?