Credit: FoxFlash

Glue your possessions to your couch, guys, cuz this one’s going to be a doozie. Yes indeed, tonight’s episode will be a brand-spankin-new punch-us-in-the-face ish-show of a good time. What’s happening? Let’s discuss.

First of all, Taylor Swift. That girl is happening. Tonight, she’s happening all over the X Factor stage. She happens to be performing “State of Grace” for the FIRST TIME on TV. NBD.

We expect little grace from ourselves when we lash out irrationally at our screens. Why? Because there will be a DOUBLE ELIMINATION OF DOOM on the results show. That’s right, Factoids (gosh we hope that’s what X followers are really called), showrunners announced yesterday that we will have to say goodbye because their night is over (imagine Madonna singing those words).

(Did anyone else notice the Spice Girls were MIA last night?) Say you’ll be there with us tonight at 8PM ET/PT on FOX.

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