Credit: Splash News

Britney Spears is free, free as a bird now, and this bird you cannot change. Not only has our queen broken up with her fiance, Jason Trawick (no scrubs), she's in the midst of negotiations to do a permanent residency in Las Vegas and she's best friends with The Man Upstairs.

Britney was recently spotted going to church in Westlake, California, and we can't get over how fresh faced and happy she looks! Not that it should be a surprise — she is basically an angel sent from heaven. In fact, she was probably in church to say "hey y'all, yeehaw" to all her fellow saint friends.

Also, most people can't get away with wearing a black mini skirt to church, but Britney Spears is not most people. Withhold your judgement and concentrate on her quaint pinafore blouse. So demure!