To say that Justin Bieber has had a rough few days would be an understatement.

First there was the whole throwing up on stage incident. Then Justin took to Twitter to complain that his computer and camera containing “personal footage” were stolen during a tour stop in Tacoma, Washington, prompting rumors that the teenybopper is hiding a sex tape.

Next up in Justin’s week from Hell? The 18-year-old star seems to be mighty bitter about a recent appearance on The X Factor in which he didn’t get the airtime he thought he deserved.

Biebs reportedly signed up to help L.A. Reid choose contestants for the Over 25s category on the show, but last night’s episode featured Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell’s groups instead, prompting the singer to air his concerns on Twitter. 

“Heard we got used for ratings according to twitter and we arent even on until tomorrow?” Justin complained. “@xfactorusa could of just told us.”

Luckily, Justin’s massive fleet of Beliebers seemed to lift his spirits. 

“About to see my beliebers...and it's gonna BE ALRIGHT,” he tweeted later that night. 

Source: Digital SpyTwitter

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