Credit: Getty Images Photo: Fergie at the 2012 Grammy Awards

We’ve had quite a few names pop up in the “X Factor Season 2 judges” whirligig, including Elton John, Katy Perry, and even the once-shunned Cheryl Cole. But now that Simon Cowell has destroyed the chances of any of these three (and others) appearing on the show, we have to look elsewhere for our gossip fodder. And lo, this weekend filled up with Whitney Houston rumors, but sadly, that buzz proved to be ill-timed.

So who’s up next? “[T]he newest name in the hat” is Fergie of the Black-Eyed Peas. Fergie might be feeling a little antsy, what with her cohort off shooting The Voice... so maybe an X Factor stint would be the perfect thing for her. And indeed, Fergie divulged at the Grammy Awards that “[joining The X Factor] would be something I would love to do,” but she also followed with a “[m]aybe someday.” Our advice for Fergie? Watch out for androids.  They should be destroyed.

Following Fergie is an old Destiny’s Child favorite — no, not Beyoncé (she’s busy), but instead Kelly Rowland. As an X Factor U.K. alumna, she’d require less time to get used to things in Yankeeville. And Rowland would be happy to trade tea-sipping for monster truck-driving, saying that the U.K. endeavor “was a great opportunity and a great experience, and I would love to do it again.” (Do these folks have a script they pass around?)

Unfortunately, there’s no confirmation on either of these ladies... but hey, that’s what the rumor mill is for! 

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