Credit: John Shearer/Getty Images Photo: Mariah Carey Attends the 2010 Academy Awards in Hollywood, CA

After The X Factor house-cleaning (Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger and Steve Jones all faretheewelled in the same few thrilling hours), speculation has run rampant over who will replace them. The most obvious choice is Mariah Carey, since she was scheduled to be there in the first place and has such deep ties to the show, but... how do her peers feel about it?

American Idol judge, Randy Jackson says:

"I think Mariah would be amazing. I mean, I manage her, of course I'd say that. I don't know what's going to happen, but she'd be amazing..."

We keep forgetting how intertwined the two shows (Idol and X Factor) are, but Randy hasn't. He also dished on his close friend Paula's ouster:

"I have not spoken to Paula," he said, "we texted back and forth, sad to hear about all that's going on with that show, Idol started with me, Simon, Ryan and Paula, and that's what really brought us to our prominence, and those people will be in my life forever."

Will Mariah be a part of ours? It will soon be told!

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