Credit: The Official X Factor USA Page Photo: Melanie Amaro Wins The X Factor USA

We like the way Melanie Amaro looks, but Amaro herself has decided that she’s still got some toning up to do.

Access Hollywood asked Amaro about her interest in hiring both a nutritionist and a trainer, to which Amaro responded that while she doesn’t see herself as overweight, “I can definitely tone up a lot.”

Amaro elaborated that the grueling X Factor schedule (and perhaps, the gruel served by The X Factor) made the pounds just fall off while the show was running. Now that X Factor is hibernating, though, it appears that Amaro wants to replicate the auto-diet the show delivered.

Look, it’s great whenever someone wants to improve her self-image, but we just want to put this out there: Melanie, you look fine the way you are!

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