Ladies, prepare your bodies. By which we mean change into a nude, glittered onesie and drape a snake around your neck, because Britney Spears is in the studio recording a brand spankin' new song!

Godney took it to Facebook to announce her new single, titled "Ooh La La," with the cryptic post "Remember that surprise song I recorded for my boys? It’s coming soon! 'Ooh La La' for The Smurfs 2 :) Stay tuned for more…”

OMG, we will Britney! WE WILL.

Also, who else finds it completely amazing that Brit-Brit is recording a song for The Smurfs 2, which hits theaters on July 31? Whatever, everything Britney touches turns to gold, so The Smurfs should consider themselves blessed.

Oh, and we're sure Britney's kiddos, Jayden and Sean, will be thrilled that their mom is putting her talents to good use in a childrens' movie. Sigh, it's like this gal just can't help being perfect. With any lucky, she'll record a song for Animal Planet in celebration of her weird fluffy fur ball that masquerades as a dog.

Are you psyched to hear Britney's new single? Hit the comments!

Source: Britney Spears on Facebook