Credit: Fox Broadcasting Company Photo: Ne-Yo Performing on The X Factor Finale

Singer Ne-Yo, who performed on The X Factor finale, has warned winner Melanie Amaro not to wind up like  Britney Spears.

When reporters asked his advice for Melanie, 19, Ne-Yo candidly said, “Make sure that you keep—that big family that she has—keep them close because they’ll keep you grounded.  They’ll keep your head right.  Yes men, you’ll get no points for those.  See what they did to Britney.  See what happens.” 

After reporters hooted over his comment, Ne-Yo noted, “my sister calls me every day and tells me how ugly I am and it keeps my feet on the ground, absolutely.”  Ne-Yo, who performed the song “Give Me Everything” on Thursday night with Pitbull and X Factor contestant Marcus Canty, also has a daughter Madilyn, 1, and two-month-old son, Mason, to keep him grounded.  “Maddy went past walking and went straight to running, trying to talk a little bit.  Mason is just sitting there pooping and eating.”