Credit: Nino Munoz/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Paula Abdul Rocks an LBD in Her X Factor Promo Photo

TMZ was able to access the judge's mic audio feed from the X Factor results show of December 9, 2011. During the live broadcast, Nicole Scherzinger could clearly be heard having trouble deciding how to vote, but less audible was Paula Abdul's muttered, "just let it go to deadlock." Deadlock, of course, is what the Factor calls a hung jury of judge's votes in which the elimination is determined by audience votes. Nicole took Paula's advice, and Rachel Crow was eliminated. Nicole was later booed off the stage.

Video below!

Does Paula manipulate Nicole here? It reads to us as Paula being frustrated and suggesting Nicole just let America decide, since she can't make up her own mind. We don't think Paula had anything in mind here other then, "let's move the show along." You never know, though. Paula's a grizzled vet and can be a cold hearted snake sometimes. Let's look at all the facts before we rush, rush to judgment.

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Credit: TMZ Photo: Nicole Scherzinger: Paula Abdul Told Me To Vote Rachel Crow Off