Credit: Aldo Rossi/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Top 4 Over 30s Contestant Josh Krajcik on The X Factor

Apparently, Over 30s X Factor contestant Josh Krajcik was having some struggles in rehearsal last week, and it's because his voice is totally shot. According to his doctor, smoking and drinking are to blame, and he was advised to quit immediately if his vocal cords are going to survive the competish.

Upon hearing the reason behind Josh's strained voice, his mentor and judge Nicole Scherzinger told him he needs to cut back ASAP or he's out. Hey, if Chris Rene can stay clean, can't Josh shelve the whiskey and cancer sticks for a few weeks?

A source close to production says Josh is having trouble quitting but "knows he needs to if he has his sights set on winning."

In related news, we wonder if he's been laying off the burritos now that he's in Los Angeles full-time...? We wouldn't be able to.

Stay tuned to The X Factor Wednesdays and Thursdays to see if Josh can stick it out.

Source: TMZ