You guys, One Direction has moved on. Gone are the days where they worshipped the ground Simon Cowell and his v-neck t-shirts walk on — these boys are dunzo with The X Factor. Despite rumors that One Direction might make an appearance on X Factor UK as mentors, Louis Tomlinson says his band isn't "in a position to be giving strong advice."

While it's true that One Direction are new to celebrity, they can certainly offer hopeful contestants a few words of wisdom about getting through the competition. In fact, the band recently appeared as guest judges on X Factor Australia, which Harry Styles described as being "really cool and fun."

While the fab five probably won’t make an appearance on X Factor UK, we can always live in hope that they'll come to the good ol' USofA and hang with Britney Spears and Demi Lovato! After all, it’d be fun to watch Demi awkwardly flirt from her judge’s chair.

Do you think 1D are qualified to mentor? Hit the comments and dish!

Source: MTV

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