Credit: Splash News

Britney Spears has finally scuttled out of her mansion to make a comeback on The X Factor, and she's to be taken seriously, y’all hear? Ergo, sub-par tributes to the good ol' days when Brit was a pop princess are to be neither seen nor heard.

An innocent crossdressing contestant (our fave kind) learned this the hard way when Brit-Brit walked out of his rendition of "(You Drive Me) Crazy" during Season 2 auditions in North Carolina, according to a People report.

Britney looked horrified during most of the performance, and L.A. Reid had to give her a comforting pat on the back just to calm her down. Sadly, L.A's relaxing hand-to-back action didn't do the trick, and Britney was forced to leave — but she did wander back on set to say "I really respect the tribute. It was really nice."

Meanwhile, Simon Cowell tried to be diplomatic and said "I don't think she quite understood your tribute," as the traumatized contestant told the judges that he "had to fight real hard" to make the audition because he couldn't afford his phone bill. Great, now all of us are crying.

Let the man sing his tribute, Britney!

Source: People