It was just a little break, y’all! The internet is abuzz with chatter about whether or not newly-minted X Factor judge Britney Spears’ audition “walk off” incident indicates a brewing storm for the show’s sophomore season. 

The incident took place last Friday after a contestant reportedly butchered Brit’s “Hold It Against Me” jam — and then Britney seemingly held it against her, walking off the stage. Britney, for her part, maintains she wasn’t doing anything but taking a li’l break from the strenuous day of judging. The day after, the pop starlet tweeted, “#Britneywalksoff??? LOL was just taking a little break people. I am having the BEST time!!!”

A source tells Us Weekly Brit’s recent behavior is prompting show creator Simon Cowell to regret his blockbuster casting decision. “He wonders if hiring her was a mistake,” the insider says.

However, an X Factor source denies any rumors of unhappiness with Britney’s judging. "Simon doesn't regret hiring Britney, and as a judge, she had strong opinions.”

Source: Us Weekly