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One Direction is pretty much the biggest thing since... well, ever. But the boys haven’t just been making headlines because of their music. Nope, with faces and hair and trousers like these lads sport, it’s guaranteed that a few (million) women would fall for them.

Harry Styles is the latest 1D boy to be in the spotlight for something other than his dancing or tricky antics. For at least the last couple weeks, the super-coiffed boy bander has been hanging with Taylor Swift and we’re totally jealous of smitten with the new couple.

But then we got to thinking about the long run and babies and revenge songs and such. You know, the usual thoughts we have whenever Tay-Tay starts dating someone from one of our wall posters.

Harry is known for his fun “live while we’re young” personality, but we’re a little worried for him. Based on Taylor’s track record with men and the songs they inspire, do you think it’s a good idea for Harry to get involved with her? Weigh in below.

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