Those X Factor judges sure don’t sugarcoat it, least of all Simon. Tonight, after CeCe Frey performed a one-woman version of the Moulin Rouge favorite, “Lady Marmalade,” Simon told CeCe it was way too much and that she should “pack a suitcase.”

“No one could say that you’re not a trier,” Simon conceded. “ The problem I had with that performance...I felt like I’d eaten 62 portions of chocolate cake. You gave me too much... I only wanted a slice.”

Credit: Splash News

After Simon advised Cece to pack her bags, mentor Demi Lovato of course fought back. “I think that you came out swinging. I’m so proud of you. Anyone who says it was too much is older than...well I’m not going to say.” 

Do you think CeCe is going home tomorrow, or is someone else on the chopping block?

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