Credit: NBC Photo: Simon Cowell Smiles Backstage

As we reported yesterday, X Factor judge and producer Simon Cowell has a lot of changes in mind for both the US and UK versions of The X Factor — and now we have more speculation about his vision.

The Sun reports that he may be thinking of transferring the X Factor auditions to smaller venues — like jazz clubs, for instance — amid concerns that the contestants’ “big-stage performances” don’t wow audiences after viewers watch their equally-big-stage auditions.

“We always talk about the singer’s ‘journey,’ but visually the live shows don’t seem much different from the auditions,” a source states.

“We need a significant point of difference between the audition and the live show … Smaller venues is the latest idea and it’s one we quite like as it’s new and could feel fresh.”

Keep in mind that The Sun is a British publication — and that the source doesn’t specify if this change would apply to both versions or just the UK production. But don’t be surprised if you see word of “X Factor auditions coming to a nightclub near you.”

Source: The Sun via The Independent