On the October 10 episode of The X Factor, we were introduced to a few new groups (LYLAS, Playback, Lyric 145), saw some fake houses where the judges supposedly live, and got to enjoy the judges’ reactions to their mentor assignments.

Britney has been tweeting about how much she loves the young contestants for weeks now, and we already had intel that she was mentoring the young’uns (aka “Teens” from now on) alongside guestie will.i.am. We think it’s a great match considering she started her rise to fame at a super young age. She was stoked, too. Sources say we’ll get our first view of Brit in action on October 11. Word is that the X Factor execs were initially going to give Lady B the middle group, but ended up swapping with Demi because they believe the winner is probably in the youngsters. Maybe they wanted something to show for Brit’s 15 million dollar paycheck?

Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.

Demi was equally stoked to be gifted the 17-24 year olds (“Young Adults”), and swore the winner is within that group. She may be right, but we’ll have to see how well she and guest-mentor Nick Jonas do with them. So far, her advice was well heeded by notorious bully/tough girl CeCe Frey, who gave a playful, soulful performance of LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It” after Queen D told her that she might need to lay off the ‘tude.

Simon was assigned the groups and seems like the best fit for them. Last season, Paula Abdul’s groups were all eliminated and then she flapped around for awhile. We’ll see what Papa Cowell does with guest-mentor Marc Anthony and the mish mash of groups — some, like Emblem3, Sister C, and Dope Crisis have been together for years, while others are brand new. On the October 10 episode, newbies Lyric 145, LYLAS, and Playback made a pretty great showing for a first time.

So, was L.A. Reid an equally good sport? Notsomuch. Upon hearing he got the “Overs” (25+), L.A. slammed the phone down and stormed out. Then, to make it super awkward, he greeted the contestants (who were so excited to have him) by telling them that “honestly, when I heard I was working with the Overs, I was disappointed.” Wow, way to start things off on the most awkward foot ever (yes, Antonio “L.A.” Reid has more than two feet).

So, what do you think — did each judge get the right pairing? Was L.A. acting like a total baby (spoiler alert: yes)? You tell us.

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