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Ch-ch-ch-changes are coming to the set of The X Factor Season 2, and we're not just talking about Britney Spears' beautiful extensions. Last season, judges were assigned as mentors to groups based on age and gender, but this season they’re switching it up! The categories will be based solely on age, which means each judge will be dishing words of wisdom to ladies and gents!

Solo singers ages 12-16 will have the pleasure of working with Demi Lovato, solos 17-24 will get to chillax with Britney Spears, L.A. Reid will provide worldly wisdom to the 25+ singlers, and groups will hang with Simon Cowell (sorry, guys).

This switcheroo totally makes sense — now Demi won't have to mentor people who are older than her (awkward!), although we pity the poor lost souls who will fall victim to Simon's reign of terror (although he did win last year...).

Don't forget to tune into The X Factor's premiere September 12th and 13th on Fox!

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