Credit: Aaron Rapoport/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Dexter Haygood is in the Top 4 Over 30s on The X Factor

Hey, remember when Dexter Haygood was kicked off The X Factor and suddenly reconnected with his old band from the ‘80s? Remember how the circumstances seemed almost too serendipitous? Well, as it turns out, maybe they were.

Haygood has since announced that he actually had no intention of staying on The X Factor for any longer than his preordained departure. Apparently, a “behind-the-scenes agreement” was reached because as it turned out, the producers didn’t like Haygood as Haygood.

“I was unhappy that I was unable to be a rock artist,” Haygood griped. With idols like Steven Tyler and James Brown, the singer had a tough time covering people like Katy Perry and Beyoncé. In fact, Haygood wanted out so bad that he agreed to at least come back for the X Factor finale in order to get his wish.

...At least, that’s how Haygood tells it now.

Source: CBS News

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