Back in 2011, there was some chatter about Simon Cowell developing an X Factor musical. We have to admit we thought he was joking, but apparently he was dead serious. In fact, last month the show-in-progress held an invite-only workshop in London.

According to Simon, it was a rousing success, but considering he’s the co-producer and the inspiration for one of the characters, we kinda think he’s a little biased.

However, the NY Post’s sources also think the show has promise. At the very least, “it’s much better than Viva Forever [the Spice Girls musical].” However, “the second act needs to be rethought,” a fact the show creators are well aware of.

The musical, which tracks an unlikely superstar’s track to fame through the show, has a $16 million budget. Yowch! Simon and his crew hope to have the show on stage at London’s Palladium by early spring 2014.

Would you see a musical based on The X Factor?

Source; NY Post