Credit: Nino Munoz/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Top 5 Girls Contestant Melanie Amaro on The X Factor

Wetpaint Entertainment was able to get a few moments with the X Factor USA style crew, and they dished for us on some of the magic behind the magic. We sat down with Ken Paves (hair), June Ambrose (fashion) and Kristofer Buckle (make-up). They regularly post to thier facebook page and on Twitter @thestyleteamusa, but for this series of interviews, they're all ours! And we appreciate it!

First things first, everyone loves a before-and-after story, so we had to know...

Wetpaint Entertainment: Which of the contestants do you think has undergone the biggest style transformation and why?

June Ambrose (fashion): Melanie Amaro. She now knows what works best on her body and what silhouette gives her a strong striking look. She's also not afraid to glam it up now with more hair and makeup! Her confidence continues to build.

Kristofer Buckle (make-up) I think Melanie Amaro has transformed the most. She came to the show a very plain understated young woman with a huge voice... now she looks like a superhero. version of herself. I use a lot of contouring on her to build angles and do dramatic eyes and lashes to add balance to her face. She really enjoys the glam and I'm always talking her out of glittery colors that she asks for.

Ken Paves (hair)

Melanie Amaro...have you seen her!!!! She had no idea that the outside could be as beautiful as the voice! Plus she wants it all! She loves all the hair! So does her mentor.

Sounds like they're all on the same page!

UPDATE - She's won the whole thing! Was her new look responsible for her victory? Only the voters can say!



Credit: Twitter Photo: Melanie Amaro with a Great Bag

A "before" pic, courtesy of Twitter

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