Credit: Aldo Rossi/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Top 4 Group Lakoda Rayne on The X Factor

With The Stereo Hogzz on the long road back to Houston, girl-band Lakoda Rayne has emerged as the last group standing. It’s a worthy accomplishment, for sure, but do the young ladies have what it takes to snatch that five-million-dollar prize?

The girls told Fox All Access that X Factor ain’t easy, but they’re ready to take on all comers. “[W]e’ve never really been used to getting so much feedback from people,” they said, “because you’re not always going to get good feedback[.]” Well, that’s for sure — anyone who’s dealt with Simon Cowell can tell you that these competitions aren’t all rainbows and gumdrops!

The Fetching Foursome will take to the stage this week to once again make their case. Have they a chance?

Source: Fox All Access


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