Credit: Nino Munoz/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Top 5 Girls Contestant Rachel Crow on The X Factor

Last week we made a note of thirteen-year-old Rachel Crow’s “attitude”-laced tirade against mentor Simon Cowell. But now that Crow and her family have given the New York Post an exclusive look into how the young singer started out, we’re starting to think that she might have good reason to be snappy every once in a while.

“She was a crack baby and actually lived in a crack house,” Crow’s adoptive mother Barbara told the Post, adding that Rachel “suffered a lot of abuse.” Fortunately, it took only six months for social services to lift baby Rachel out of that environment and into the home of a loving family. (Understandably enough, Barbara’s not so loving toward Rachel’s previous so-called caretakers -- “I would just like 10 minutes with them.”)

Rachel, for her part, totally takes her past in stride. “She is totally unaffected by it,” Barbara said. “She looks at it as that is what made her the person she is.” Indeed, Rachel has no interest in meeting her birth parents — after all, “I have two amazing parents already.”

Of course, The X Factor actively seeks out heartstrings-pulling stories like this, but for some reason, the show’s top people made an effort to keep this part of Rachel’s backstory under wraps. Considering that should she win, Rachel will put the five-million-dollar prize toward “a foundation that makes [foster kids] feel good about themselves,” we sure can’t see why. You couldn’t make up a more touching story than that!

Source: New York Post